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! ¿quÉ es eso, pido? >>uno de los viejos inventos de b-max. es la fÁbrica de voces fuertes 2000. >>ahora podrÁs hablar fuerte, gracias a la fÁbrica de voces fuertes 2000. >>ahora podrÁs dar un discurso, b-max. >>¡damas y caballeros perrunos! todos: ¡ahhhh! [estrépito] >>eso es demasiado alto, b-max. >>oigan, ¿quiÉn se comiÓ un micrÓfono? ¿podemos tener un poco de paz, por favor? >>aun cuando no bajÉ el volumen de mi voz y no olvidÉ lo que debÍa decir, no puedo dar un discurso para los otros perritos guardabosques. >>¿por quÉ no b-max? puedes hacer lo que sea. >>todo excepto pensar en quÉ decir sobre mÍ mismo. >>muy sencillo. solo habla de todas las cosas que puedes hacer. >>puedes practicar diferentes deportes. >>y eres bueno para deletrear palabras. >>y puedes inventar asombrosos aparatos. y puedes cantar maravillosas canciones. todos: ¡sÍiii! >>damas y caballeros perrunos, yo puedo hacer muchas cosas. puedo inventar baloncestos. >>¡ahhh! >>no, no, no... digo, cantar inventos de moda y tambiÉn deletrear canciones. ¡ay y...! ¡ay, estoy confundido! definitivamente
always come max and pto my rescue. bookstore but as time passed, i started to notice max just wasn't himself. and i knew he'd feel better if he lost a little weight. so i switched to purina cat chow healthy weight formula. i just fed the recommended amount... and they both loved the taste. after a few months max's "special powers" returned... and i got my hero back. purina cat chow healthy weight. >> in the year since the attack in benghazi, many say the whole story about what happened was yet to be told. a new report on "60 minutes" including a never before heard eyewitness account from a british security officer. >> one guy shouted. i couldn't believe he seen me because it was so dark. he started walking toward me. >> as he was coming closer -- >> i hit him with the butt of the rifle in the face. >> that report inspired republican senator lindsey graham to make a renewed call for hearings but it also inspired questions about that eyewitness. "the washington post" reported that the security agent had filed an after-action report telling a different tale. last night the security co
, dirt floor, holes in the walls, and a leaking roof. max, as the oldest child, has to be brave and strong. he's only 10, but he's the man of the house. there's no door and lock to keep them safe. so it's his job to watch over and protect his little sisters. while his mother is gone during the day trying to earn a little money, max is in charge. it's a big responsibility for this young boy. benita desperately wants to give her children a better life, but almost everyone here is very poor and work is hard to come by. on a good day, neighbors let her do their laundry. it doesn't pay much, but it's better than nothing. many hours of this physically-grueling work may yield her 10 quetzales, about $1.50. >> [ speaking spanish ] >> interpreter: i have nothing for my children. i don't have anything to give them. i can't send them to school. i have nothing. >> announcer: they live above 8,000 feet, where nighttime temperatures sometimes dip below freezing. every afternoon, a damp, icy fog creeps down from the mountains and into their home. >> [ coughs ] >> announcer: the children don't
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. james with the commission. >> lawrence finishing man with the film commission. >> (inaudible). >> max film commission. >> megan white san francisco conservatism board and a melanie conservatism commission. >> dr. proper of the over and over side core. >> thank you do slum firm. >> do solemn firm. >> that i will support and defend the constitution of the united states and the state agency of the california. >> against all enemies foreign and domestic arrest all minimums foreign and domestic. >> it that i will bear true faith and a alliance to the constitution of the united states and to the constitution of the state of california. >> it e that i take this obligation freely. >> without any mental recess vase and that i will well, and faithfully discharge the duties upon which i'm about to enter during such time asia i hold the office of. >> for the city and county of san francisco. for the city and county of san francisco >> congratulations i want to thank you. (clappin (clapping). >> >> okay. welcome to our special rules committee meet for thursday october 31st, 2013. i'm s
is charged with the unenviable task of deciding who won't get the food aid they need because they have maxed out their ability to purchase food locally. the bottom line is that these artificial restrictions on our ability to respond to humanitarian emergencies must be reformed to make our programs more flexible and efficient. i urge my colleagues to adopt the senate reforms in title iii. i think the chairs and my representative ed royce and tom marino, for their leadership on international food aid. i yield back. >> the chair recognizes the gentleman from michigan, congressman levin. >> think you so much. looking about, i so admire the tenacity, especially the four of you. tenacity is an understatement. stabenow, adn mr haved mr. peterson, i often talked about how long this is taken. a rare this provides bipartisan opportunity. within our domain on helping the cotton and sugar we leave to your good judgment, as long as you maintain the necessary provisions we are obliged to under our international responsibilities. so if i might, i just want to take a minute to speak more personally. our fam
and documentaries in spanish max's to you. breaking news will turn into bangalore hidden stories. it is. okies for no more visits to iowa to go because you don't comb exactly what happened that day. i don't know what a lonely guy killed. years later is harder for us to pour. for current and ideals we have been numerous cases where the sun was just lying down polygraph results. its people and you can see the results are still the people anymore but it just happened really. in the course of interrogation why because there's been this is like men. no because the psychological techniques are more in obtaining confessions and physical abuse. they were asked if they can do what they wanted they decide what they want there was no evidence of what they did for one night stand. ukraine is prepared to some of my multiple should deal with the european union at the end of this month would guarantee the former soviet republic free trade access. as the country's car industry ready for the change of season excuse risky investments and three the association agreement with the eu is being sold to the korean a
for controversial statements made about president obama. in an email sent from a county-issued account, max lenington used derogatory words when discussing mister obama's re-election. >> "one day my dear sister emailed me and asked me 'what do you think max? why did we lose?' and that was my response to her." >> "he can say those hateful things from his rocking chair on his front porch but he can't say them from the county court house, the symbol of justice in our community. we won't accept it." >> thompson is calling for a resignation. local officials haven't said if lenington's actions were a violation of county policies. new details tonight on a tragic fall yesterday at the races. hall of fame jockey john velasquez underwent surgery today to remove his spleen after his horse, secret compass, fell during the running of the two million dollar breeders cup competition. in the fall secret compas broke her leg and had to be euthanized on the track. coming up. a man inches away from a fatal accident! we take another look at that amazing video coming up! uz)Ñ it's been a sour week for wine lov
's nothing anyone can do about it. those who have budgetary pressures, this can be tight, but maxed out, if you can. taking advantage of this, if you can't. the kinds of plants varied from a but as a practical matter anyway that you can put away free tax money, save it to you are going to need it later. the way things are going you want to do as much as you can now no matter what age. gerri: i agree with that entirely. what additional vehicles should people be looking for. max out your four -- 401(k). >> if you have children, grandchildren, the 529 plan. that has not been tampered with by our politicians. that too has been enlarged from its original levels just like 401(k). so there are vehicles like that. 529 is a good one if you want to help accomplish the savings. gerri: absolutely a great idea for people out there who are looking for additional ways to save. so many folks out there are over invested in bonds because they got burned last time around in the stock market. what are you telling your clients right now? >> well, the stock market has been in an uptrend, and it is still inta
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tkhraoeu -- delay the individual mandate a year. we heard from max baucus, the senator who helped write obamacare, here he is. >> maybe we should start thinking about delaying penalties. it is not right to penalize people for mistakes the government has made because the exchange isn't working. >> should the penalties be delayed beyond march 31? >> no, they should not be delayed beyond march 31. if the website is working by november 30 people then will have a full four months to sign up and that is no reason to delay. and i don't think you can prejudge now. if it's working adequately by november 30 that's a whole new question. it's way premature to talk about it. i think it's going to be up and running by november 30. if it's not we can have a renewed debate. but to call for it now 30 days before it is even debuted i think is a mistake. >> mr. capretta, you get the final 30 seconds uninterrupted. >> if we were told all year long it was going to be ready to go and don't delay the individual mandate at this point you've got millions of people losing coverage based on the promise they are g
to max kaiser. so in that day's what this woman. she opens up a manhole cover and sticks out to snopes now she can tell i stick by what she finds as ec she was pulling the gutter oil straight out of the sewer and then processing and die and that's in the toxins and chemicals in order to create the gutter while there's an analogy here between concerning the sewer garbage that slot into re processed today it's available as a combustible aren't yet on the street with a sloppy in the financial systems and take credit they take collateral that's been abused has been sold and resold hundreds of times and they put in on the bounty of the bank of england and the bank email exchanges french slop me in the form of the guilds which is and the collateral upon which the housing bubble in london is based. if you examine the balance sheet of the bank of england you'd find we've processed pork slop and daughter slop and boiled in all kinds of dogs bark day she often did awesome. in sl and whatever isn't he wonderful clear waivers to not see the husband of jail to push the role of men but nowadays to l
, tracy byrnes, jonas max ferris, john layfield and bernard whitman. welcome to everybody. gary b., another broken promise? >> absolutely, brenda. the only word i can think of that describes this is despicable. one, you know, as you pointed out right at the top, it's not going to, you know, five million, 10 million people. the number as you pointed out is over 90 million people. that's over a quarter of the population that were, one, lied to. and, two, now forced to go onto plans that are invariably costing more than they are paying for now. so this whole thing about you can keep your plan, and even if you have to kick your plan and search for a better one,it turns out, brenda, it's lie upon lie upon lie. and not only that. maybe the worst part, the reason i say it's despicable, they knew all this before -- well before obama care was implemented. >> bernard, what do you think of that? >> i think it's hysteria gone wild. if 93 million people were about to lose their health insurance in the next two months because of the year end, i think we'd know about it by now. i don't buy this
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off the penalties. even delay the entire individual mandate a year, and we heard this week from max baucus. a senator who helped write obama care. >> maybe we should start thinking about penalizing the mandates. it's not their fault for mistakes that the government made. >> should they be delayed? >> no, if the website is working by november 30th, people will have a full four months to sign up and that's no reason to delay them and i don't think you can prejudge now. if it's not adequately working, it's a whole new question. i think it will be up and running by november 30th, and if not we'll have a renewed debate. but to call for it 30 days before it's debuted i think is a mistake. >> mr. capretta, you have the final 30 seconds uninterrupted. >>> we were told all year long it would be ready to go and don't delay the individual mandate. you have millions of people losing their coverage based on the promise they will have something working in 30 days. the window is closing. we should delay the whole thing for a year. this is health care after all, not a minor matter. we should not pl
over the last two years. why have you chosen not to go ahead and max set out and require less taxpayer infusion, what he caught a bailout or because something us? >> we have spent enormous amount of time balancing, bringing the fun back as quickly as possible with ensuring continued access to credit. by the way, just when you take a look at what happened when we made our latest justases in june, and not premium increases but our policy changes, you saw a huge amount, our application volume dropped off by -- >> let's go back to it again. is that how much interest rates have come down. we're talking about rounding errors for this 25 days. it could have helped you significantly. i would ask you to look at that again. this is the fifth time you come to testify before the committee in my three years here and every time a you, so i'm going to ask you again why fha has not instituted a risk-based pricing yet. you have had the authority since 2010. i believe i've said this before, that fha believes that the way we do pricing and the way we do risk-based , was not risk-based pricing, we do that
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is included. >> the biggest pill among those corporate democrats was industry lapdog max baucus of montana, chairman of the senate finance committee. at one point baucus even had advocates thrown out of his hearings. >> i'm sorry. there will be order. can we have a recess until order can be restored. >> want a single payer system. why do you insist on spending more money when the single payer will give it to us at the price we're spending now? >> still, obama care made its way through the gauntlet of mercenary senators, predatory lobbyists, and greedy corporations to become law. rube goldberg would have been a very happy man. his principle, why do something simple when it can always be made harder, carried the day. and by the time it became law, the affordable care act was a monstrosity of complexity. sure enough, on opening day, what the republicans couldn't accomplish happened anyway. screens froze. error messages flew. data was corrupted. the system broke down. and obama care stalled at the starting gate. supporters gaped at the wreckage of their best-laid plans, opponents gloated, and
told me that they slept with each other. and i don't say that they did. >> host: max tweets into you, kitty kelley, while interviewing for a book, have you ever had conflicting testimonies that you still don't know the answer to? >> guest: yes, that happens a lot, max. you realize that sometimes the truth that you now and you recall isn't the same true that your sister might have in your brother might have a different take. so you've got to put them all in. you've got to say, joe jones said this. he was in the room at the time and he recalled president bush saying this. jim baker recalls president bush saying that. so yes, there are conflicting times. i remember the sinnott trebek, ava gardner talks about a huge fight that she had with sinatra after all the furniture out in palm springs when she turned out wanda turner had a mayor. frank sinnott shirt had denied both of them. he got to put all that in there. >> host: were you fighting for your life and times of frank sinnott shirt? we threatened? castro not threatened, but i was very, very careful. i felt secured when i heard. we too
't just go as wild it is the mad max environment. the other to think about is stability. bit it is a better way to describe it. we see open systems with continual input the capital of bangladesh is a great day simple in 1950 to bryan's 450 you will be a 25 million and a whole series of national government have come up with a fix with the problems repeated the overtaken by events so by the time to be implemented but at the nation state level it was too late to affect what they tried to change. getting a below the nation's states to the subsidy increment is important. looking at the same pattern repeated at the street to block subdistrict level and off than it is similar but with a twist. when you learn what works at the streets or district level and look at that pattern. >> motivation for violence as a concept that makes him think of the disparity between the wealthy. >> by the way there is not as strong correlation in the field research between a street coefficient that this job besides the ability to but just the fact there is a disparity between rich and for more. go aren't
questionable. max baucus has said, you know, is a train wreck. he's come out even more recently saying that it needs a one-year delay. this needs to be reviewed. these are important numbers. bill clinton said a few years ago the day and years of big government are over. this is the biggest government program we could ever conceive. there's a huge gamble the president has made that this health care is really going to work. >> let's take a look at what's going to happen after the first of the year with the new budget deadline. mitch mcconnell says he will not allow another shutdown as part of a strategy to repeal obama care. so how might budget negotiations be different this time around? >> well, we need to be pursuing a long-term solution to our spending, whether you talk to peter orzak, who is mr. obama's budget writer at one time, or paul ryan or erskine bowles, whom i've known for 20 years. they will tell you that unless we address the long-term spending of this country, we will collapse like greece. that has to be on the table. that has to be a leadership issue. president obama, fra
of the language of heredity in our culture we must also consider the influence contemporary janelle max has on public discussion of gender, race and health. as the environmental breast cancer movement struggles to bring awareness to the lengths the physicist's environment and disease and environmental justice movement continues its fight to bring awareness to the connection between pollution and health disparities, mixing slow violence, it matters for genentech's research, and the implicit suggestion that women and african-americans succumb to disease it is because of biological difference. thank you very much. [applause] >> kelly happe will be signing books at the signing plaza and outside after this session and we will take any questions. and please also remember when you have a question go to the microphone in the back of the room. >> thank you. that was a wonderful paper, very dense. i was really interested in the partner -- i was interested in your whole paper but my question is about the part of your paper where you talked about the way that there are different stories told about afri
had a man, max, called in, and he said he got one of the letters from the insurance companies that his insurance was canceled, so what he did was he went on to the website and he come under the federal insurance, and he found a better plan, and now he is going to sign up. is whathope that everybody would be able to do. i thank you, mr. chairman. >> mr. kerry. >> thank you, mr. chairman. the pleased to hear that website will be fully operational by the end of november. would you come back to our committee so that we could see if that is actually accomplished and what is the comp list? >> i will make every effort to do that. >> ok. and state governor commissioner and kansas. -- in kansas. i reached out to our state commissioner and governor and found out that they have absolutely no data about nebraskans who either try to enroll or an role. as you know, nebraska is one of the states that opted not to do their own exchange and rely on the federal exchange. it is interesting to me that neither our insurance commissioner nor the governor's office had any data abroad nebraskans-- about and e
Search Results 0 to 30 of about 31 (some duplicates have been removed)